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TR-Lites TR-Active and CLIC zero metal 

We design our eyewear to fit perfecty, making the wearer feel great. This attention to detail can enhance the visual benefit of the lenses and increase the field of view.


All eyewear is not the same. Our designs fit early years to teens and have a free adjustments service, ensuring a perfect fit everytime you choose Exeter Eyewear. 


We have your eyewear guarnteed. Exeter Eyewear products have a unique accidental damage exchange policy or free parts replacement. From wear to care, eyewear is important to us and we want our wearers to have perfect eyewear everyday. 


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Exeter Eyewear Ltd.

A company featured in NHS 75: Celebrating 75 Years
of the National Health Service.


Order directly from our industry partners. 



Call us today to discuss Exeter Eyewear 07477 088161


Our products are registered with the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA)  




Our RX lifetime accidental damage policy is your aftercare assurance.

Easy replacement of accidentally damaged frames - 50% off the list price. 




Adjustments and bespoke service provided by the manufacturer. Contact agent for orders



Our design and technology offices are based in the Science Park Centre, Exeter.

Housing a rich resource of science, technology, engineering, maths, and medicine (STEMM).




Exeter Eyewear products are designed for enhanced comfort, ease of fit and play.

We know some young people take longer to transition to change, so we make sure each of our brands have overlapping sizes when design features change.






At the heart of Exeter Eyewear is collaboration. In the warehousing and delivery of frames, we use existing storage spaces, supply chains and knowledge bases.


Agents for Exeter Eyewear are approved for customer service, passion and industry engagement.


Our collaborative approach reduces costs. Call our agents today, you may be surprised!






Unregistered persons must not sell prescription spectacles to children aged under 16 and patients who are registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired,

unless the sale is supervised by a registered practitioner.  The Opticians Act 1989.